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Sunday morning services - Recorded "live"
While we would like to have you join us every Sunday we know that's not always possible.  If you've missed a service due to vacations, illness, family needs, work or for some other reason, you can listen to them here "On Demand."

"On Demand", also allows you to listen to church services that are particularly meaningful to you or that you would like to recommend to family and friends. And, you can listen to them as many times as you like - FREE.

Services are edited and do not include music or announcements. They are archived on this site for 2 years from the original date of the service. We encourage you to share this site with family and friends, however reproduction of services for profit is prohibited without the permission of The H.O.M.E. Center.

The H.O.M.E. Center
3892 Lancaster Drive NE ~ Salem, Oregon 97305 ~ 503 363-3926
Sunday Services ~
Wednesday Service ~  7:00 pm
Our Wednesday evening services are designed to help you get in tune with your spriritual advisiors and teachers. This is a more relaxed and often times interactive service where you can learn how to co-create with your God given guardians.
Wellness Sunday* - The third Sunday of each month ~ 12:30pm
Open to everyone - Healing styles may include: Reiki healing, Massage Therapies, Tarot and more.
Note: type of healing service available varies from month to month.

Cost: Donation

  The H.O.M.E. Center Sunday Morning Church Services
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The H.O.M.E. Center is non-denominational, self supporting, independent, and non-profit. Your generous donations allow us to provide a healing center that promotes personal and spiritual growth for people everywhere.

Thank you for your support of The H.O.M.E. Center
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10:30 am -10:55 am -  Healing Service
11:00 am -12:00 pm  - Church Service
Special Meditations
Nov 2014 - Catherine VanWetter
               Sacred Ancestors - Crystal Bowl
January 2018

Jan 07 Rev Jay Smith, Jr.
Jan 14 Rev Lorena Smith
Jan 21 Rev Jay Smith, Jr.
Jan 28 Rev Jay Smith, Jr.
May 2018

May 06
May 13
May 20
May 27
July 2018

Jul 01
Jul 08
Jul 15
Jul 22
Jul 29

March 2018

Mar 04    Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Mar 11    Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Mar 18    Not available
Mar 25    Not available
September 2018

Sep 02
Sep 09
Sep 16
Sep 23
Sep 30
June 2018

Jun 03
Jun 10
Jun 17
Jun 24
April 2018

Apr 01   Rev.Jay Smith, Jr.
Apr 08   Not available
Apr 15   Dr. Selena Whittle
Apr 22   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Apr 29   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
August 2018

Aug 05
Aug 12
Aug 19
Aug 26
February 2018

Feb 04   Not available
Feb 11   Rev. Lorena Smith
Feb 18   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Feb 25   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
October 2018

Oct 07
Oct 14
Oct 21
Oct 28
November 2018

Nov 04
Nov 11
Nov 18
Nov 25
December 2018

Dec 02
Dec 09
Dec 16
Dec 23
Dec 24
January 2016

Jan 03   Not Available
Jan 10   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Jan 17   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Jan 24   Mary Lou Mulholand and
              Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Jan 31   Rev. Lorena Smith
May 2016

May 01   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
May 08   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
May 15   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
May 22   Rev. Richard Jackson
May 29   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
July 2016

Jul 03   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Jul 10   Rev. Madge Peinkofer &
           Marylou Mulholland
Wed/Jul 20   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Jul 24    Rev. Richard Jackson
Jul 31    Rev. Jay Smith, Jr. &
            Mary Lou Mulholand
March 2016

Mar 06   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Mar 13   Mary Lou Mulholand
Mar 20   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Mar 27   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
September 2016

Sep 04   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Sep 11   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Sep 18   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Sep 25   Unavailable
June 2016

Jun 05   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Jun 12   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Jun 19   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Jun 26   Rev. Richard Jackson
April 2016

Apr 03   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Apr 10   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Apr 17   Rev. Lorena Smith
Apr 24   Rev. Richard Jackson
August 2016

Aug 07   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Aug 14   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Aug 21   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Aug 28   Rev. Richard Jackson
February 2016

Feb 07   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Feb 14   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Feb 21   Unavailable
Feb 28   Rev. Richard Jackson and
               Geni Keller
October 2016

Oct 02  Unavailable
Oct 09  Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Oct 16  Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Oct 23  Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Oct 31  Unavailable
November 2016

Nov 06   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Nov 13   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Nov 20   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Nov 27   Unavailable
December 2016

Dec 04  Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
            recorded in 2010
Dec 11   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Dec 18   Rev. Marylou Mulholand
Dec 25   Unavailable
January 2017

Jan 01   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr. 
Jan 08   Not Available
Jan 15   Rev. Madge Peinkofer  
Jan 22   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Jan 29   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
February 2017

Feb 05   Rev. Madge Peinkofer 
Feb 12   Rev. Mary Lou Mulholand
Feb 19   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.  
Feb 26   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
March 2017

Mar 05   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.  
Mar 12   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Mar 19   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Mar 26   Rev. Mary Lou Mulholand  

April  2017

Apr 02   Unavailable  .
Apr 09   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
Apr 16   Unavailable
Apr 23   Rev. Mary Lou Mulholand
Apr 30   Rev. Lorena Smith
May 2017

May 07   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr. 
May 14   Rev. Madge Peinkofer   
May 21   Not Available 
May 28   Not Available  
June 2017

Jun 04   Rev. Madge Peinkofer 
Jun 11   Not Available
Jun 18   Not Available
Jun 25   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr. 

July 2017

July 02   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr. 
July 09   Rev. Madge Peinkofer
July 16   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
July 23   Rev. Madge Peinkofer  
July 30   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
August 2017

Aug 06   Rev. Lorena Smith   
Aug 13   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr. 
Aug 20   Not Available 
Aug 27   Not Available  

November  2017

Nov 05   Rev. Madge Peinkofer  
Nov 12   Not Available   
Nov 19   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.  
Nov 26   Rev. Madge Peinkofer  

December 2017

Dec 03   Not Available   
Dec 10   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.  
Dec 17   Not Available
Dec 24   Not Available
Dec 31   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr. 
October 2017

Oct 01   Not Available  
Oct 08   Rev. Madge Peinkofer   
Oct 15   Not Available   
Oct 22   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
Oct 29   Connie Walker
September 2017

Sept 03   Rev. Lorena Smith 
Sept 10   Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.  
Sept 17   Rev. Madge Peinkofer 
Sept 24  Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.