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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"

Ralph Waldo Emerson  
Rev. Jay Smith Jr.
The H.O.M.E. Center 
3892 Lancaster Drive NE ~ Salem, Oregon 97305 ~ 503 363-3926 
   October 2020

Walking through difficult times
We just had very quick month and are now are off to October. How are you doing? We have the Pandemic, then came the fire storms and then some rain to help put out the fires. Prayers were answered but are there more worries ahead such as mud slides? Whatever is in our future I am glad I have the spirit of God to help me walk through everything and bring the right actions into my life. 

My prayer is that you take the same actions and walk knowing the right actions will be with you. Many home owners were fortunate because the fires passed by their homes. For me, that is prayer being answered and their efforts being payed off. Those who experience loss of material things, God got you safely away because you worth more than material items and, in time, events will open the door to help you replace them with greater gifts. In the case of those that did not make it, we know God embraced his own and has removed the pain of the experience. 

These are the times to test our beliefs and our practice. The doors to deeper understanding of our creator are open and interacting with us. May you always find the healing grace of your creator, who never gives up on you. God [regardless of what name you use] will always hold you in unconditional love. 

Blessing Rev. Jay