"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"

Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Rev. Jay Smith Jr.
The H.O.M.E. Center
3892 Lancaster Drive NE ~ Salem, Oregon 97305 ~ 503 363-3926
November 2019
In Pursuit of Unconditional Love
Kids Explain The First Thanksgiving

"Hear ye, hear ye" greetings to you from past years of your favorite Thanksgiving meal. The stuffed turkey, the ham or whatever festive food you enjoyed, was it an avenue to break down barriers between old friendships that may have gone "south"?  Did you use Thanksgiving as a chance to develop new friendships that were not possible in the past? 

To often we get lost in a mental world of confusion and frustrations. We try to work our way back to fulfill the purpose of our creation. We recognize we've had many right activities in our past. This is the month to mend fences and build new memories that will last forever. Our creator made us all with differences that can help stimulate us to seek the true goal of the season which is unconditional love. That is the greatest gift of all.

Our creator gives us all the capability to experience unconditional love, but why can't so many people do it?  I know you can give it a try and only those who refuse to share are the true losers in the Game of Life.  Blessing upon each of you that seek the total feeling, meaning and understanding of God's Unconditional Love.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,
Rev. Jay