"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"

Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Rev. Jay Smith Jr.
The H.O.M.E. Center
3892 Lancaster Drive NE ~ Salem, Oregon 97305 ~ 503 363-3926
July 2019
Our Great Nation
Here we are celebrating the month of July and the founding of our great nation. Do you know if you had ancestors that were active participants in founding and developing our nation? I am proud to say that I did.  My family was once one of the families who came here to survive and strive. An so, I am very proud to be an American who honors and supports all who come here seeking freedom, education, fellowship, spiritual awakening, etc.

I pray with Mother Earth Energies that those who are here rapped in our flag, and all the gifts the flag was created for, will see, know, and apply all of the earth energies that bring the right action for all who seek to live in this great nation. All seekers have the opportunity to find and experience a life style of spiritual and physical freedoms, giving their souls the ability to evolve for the greatest good for all humanity. 

Bless you for living, supporting, and sharing the evolution of all humankind. 
Rev. Jay

Firework by Katy Perry
Editor's Note: This time of year always brings to my mind the powerful words in Katy Perry's song Firework. Never forgot the power that resides within you. When you feel like your "drifting through the wind wanting to start again", never forget there is a spark in you that you just need to ignite. "Own the night and show them what you are worth"  You are God's perfect creation and the power to be, do and have anything you want has always been inside of you.