Jason's Book
by: Jay William Smith
ISBN 0-9623849-3-3

Edition: Paperback
Self Help -101 pages
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Karma Effects Everyone
by: Jay William Smith

Edition: Paperback
Novel - 460 pages
$29.95 ~ Free Shipping

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Have you found yourself in events that did not make logical sense to you and you were at loss to understand why? 

Karma Effects Everyone is a novel about how our past lives effect our current life. As the story opens, Alex has only three months to understand the "why" of certain events or or he'll have to live seven more years in a whirlpool of personal chaos.

It is a journey of continual hidden mysteries that twist and turn as Alex tries to unravel the reasons for his driven and destructive behavior when he has everything that life has to offer.  

The conventional systems have failed to resolve his human mental madness.  Could there be a connection to Karma from a previous life? Like all good mysteries, the last chapters explain all the hidden clues.
Jason's Book can help you recognize and understand the talents you were born with and how you can use them daily.

You do not need to live the life of a victim. You can be the creator of your own life style and have earned the right to live and love.
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Theodor Seuss Geisel - Aka Dr. Seuss
"I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!"
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Love Heals Karma
by: Jay William Smith
ISBN 978-1-4525-5247-7

Edition: Paperback - $19.99
E- Book - $3.99
Novel - 299 pages
Interwoven in this karmic story of healing are passions, murder, and betrayal, which are revealed through hypnotic regression. This was the way out, to make the heart healing possible. When Alex is close to death, Jenny’s love brings him back. This story can answer some of your real-life hidden questions.